Strengths Development Program

Find your life purpose and learn how to be more engaged in life and work. Our Strengths Development Program has been created to assist people in finding meaning in their life and increasing their levels of engagement in their career.

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What is our Strengths Development program?

Strengths Development – Find your life purpose and learn how to be more engaged in life and work is an online coaching program that has been created to assist people in finding meaning in their life and increasing their levels of engagement in their career which is based on uncovering and utilizing their core strengths on a daily basis.

Career wellbeing is an essential element of a person’s overall wellbeing and if we have it, we are more than twice as likely to thrive in life overall.

We know through the work of Gallup who developed the science of strengths, that if we use our top five strengths on a daily basis we are likely to be 600% more engaged in work and 300% more likely to be satisfied with our lives. Meaningful work is a tonic for building our wellbeing.

Over the course of this program, we expose people to a range of content that will assist them in working through a set of strategies to uncover their areas of excellence. They will then create an action plan for how they can utilise the information from the program so they can begin doing more of what they love, what they are good at and are passionate about.

Why use our Strengths Development Program?

Digital Online Program

White label Solution

Integrates with Other Offerings

Extension of Current Service Proposition

Integrates with our Other Online Programs

Can be Utilised for Claims & Rehab Management (RTW)

Compliments Financial Wellbeing Conversations

Ready? Tell Your Life Where To Go

Individual Licence

All of our programs can be purchased on an individual basis (being for a single user) or they can be purchased as a corporate package where multiple user licenses can be purchased at discounted rates and offered as a white label solution.

When you purchase an individual user license, you are simply purchasing a single license for the program you have selected. This will give you unlimited access to the online program we have created for 12months with an automatic 12- month renewal subscription option so you can continue to have access to all of the course content, tools and templates on an ongoing basis.

What you get and how it works

  1. Decide on the program you wish to take.
  2. Purchase a single user license for 12 month subscription
  3. Gain access to all digital program content, tools, templates and materials for 12 months.
  4. Subscription is renewed annually
  5. You will receive an automatic email with log in details to the program.
  6. Access the program via the link and let your journey begin!!

$39.75 / month Billed annually

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Corporate Packages

Corporate packages are suitable for businesses, employers, schools, community groups or government departments who are looking to use our content with their own branding and deliver our programs to multiple users, clients or employees.

Our corporate licensing packages are tailored for user license purchases that are greater than five users and are offered at discounted rates. You can purchase corporate packages automatically via the website for between 5 and 60 users.

For user licenses > 60 users, we encourage you to contact us so we can tailor a custom package that helps you best achieve your desired outcomes.

What you get and how it works

  1. Decide on number of user licenses (must be greater than five).
  2. Automatic domain name and site will be set up for easy access.
  3. Add your logo and corporate colours to site (white labeling)
  4. Manage your users, reports and outputs from your own administration dashboard
  5. Access the functionality for leaderboards, social walls and gamification
  6. Integrate our online platform with your own internal systems (CRM or HR systems) – optional and at additional cost.

from $19.75 / user / month Billed annually

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