The 360° Solution™ - 'Fit For Life' Program

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The 360° Solution™ – ‘Fit For Life’ Coaching Program for Health & Wellbeing Professionals

Individual Licence

The 360° Solution™ – ‘Fit for Life’ Program is an online coaching program that can be integrated into your current service offering to add significant value to your patients and clients

Individual Licenses

This will give you unlimited access to the online program we have created for 12 months with an automatic 12- month renewal subscription option so you can continue to have access to all of the course content, tools and templates on an ongoing basis.

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$74.75 per month (billed annually)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vicki deliver the content in the program?

Yes, Vicki delivers the content in the online programs.

What support will I get post program?

Post program support is available through webinars, phone coaching and email support. Contact us for more information.
As a graduate of the program, you will gain access to a private online Face Book page where you can liaise with other program participants from all over the world to share experiences and ask questions.

What have others said about the program?

Here are some testimonals
“ I loved the entire session. It left me with a feeling that I can accomplish anything. This should be implemented across the whole business – it would change the whole demeanor and perspective that some workers have”

“The extent of the knowledge you have is astounding and the lengths that you go to learn more and teach what you have learned is inspiring. It was brilliant thank-you!”

“Content was extremely relevant to the development and measuring of success- personally and professionally”.

“Excellent overall. Really great flow and I love how all of the concepts relate to one another”.

“I can use this so many areas of my life – work, sport and personal”.

What are my payment options?

You can pay immediately via the pay pal link on the website – payments are made on an annual basis.

What materials will I receive?

The program contains 31 videos covering all of the content. You will also receive a copy of my book and a comprehensive set of workbooks for each of the program modules containing all of the leading edge strategies, tools and concepts.
All of the tools are stored electronically on the learning management platform and are accessible to you on an ongoing basis where you can keep track of your goals and your progress.

Is there a Facebook page I can join?

Yes! We have a public page you can join via the link on the website and once a graduate of the program, you will have access to a private on line community where you can share your successes, challenges and stories with other participants who have attended a workshop or participated in a coaching program.