The 360° Solution™ - 'Fit For Life' Program

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The 360° Solution™ – ‘Fit For Life’ Coaching Program for Employers

Corporate Package

The 360° Solution™ – ‘Fit for Life’ Program is an online coaching program that can form part of your learning and development framework and be utilised as part of your employee benefit scheme and promoted as part of your Employee Value Proposition.


Corporate Packages

Corporate packages are suitable for large corporates, SME, business units or small teams looking to use our content with their own branding and deliver our programs to multiple employees or small groups.

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Bulk pricing
5-30 users $64.75 / month / user
31-60 users $54.75 / month / user
more than 60 users Please do get in touch for a custom solution.
$323.75 / month
Billed annually

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course take to complete?

In total, there are 7 stages to the program, which are made up of 31 videos and 32 tools and templates. The videos go for around 90 minutes (in total) and each video is between 2 and 4 minutes long. There are 7 stages to the program with the main body of work taking place in modules 1 – 6.

I would suggest that you should encourage your staff, clients or patients to set aside an hour or two a week over a period of 4- 6 weeks to complete all of the tools and templates.

The program offers complete flexibility when it comes to watching the videos and completing the exercises. The program is modulised with each module standing on its own and so depending upon goals and priorities – the program can be tailored in terms of rollout and structure.

If you are wanting to imbed the Fit For Life program into the culture of the organization or team , set time aside in a team meeting each week for the team to watch the videos together and complete the tools and templates individually as part of the meeting. This is a great way to build positivity, engagement and camaraderie.

For employers wanting to roll the program out across the organisation, we would suggest a leadership forum should be held first to ensure the leaders are equipped to assist in the roll out of the program and have buy in to imbedding the outcomes into the culture of the business.

How do we maximize the results of the program?

A critical success factor in rolling out the program to your teams or clients is that you have your leaders on board with the concept of the program and aligned to the program outcomes. The outcomes and concepts from the program need to become part of the company culture and should be imbedded into regular team meetings.

When the concepts and tools become part of company culture, results in the business will dramatically transform and engagement will improve dramatically.

Leaders should be inducted into the core concepts from the program first and they can encourage and help foster the program outcomes with their teams and across the business.

How do I access the information my client completes ( if you are rolling the program out to clients)?

You will have access to a dashboard that will give you information about the lessons your client has completed. You will be able to see things like what % of the program is complete and also the detail they have inputted into the templates (provided they have acknowledged the terms and conditions and given permission for you to view this).

In addition, we will set up automatic email triggers of the completed templates and you will receive an email with the relevant attachment each time your client completes an exercise. Note: The auto email trigger of completed templates can be switched off.

What additional training or support do I receive ( if rolling out to clients)?

There is additional training and coaching you can receive at an additional cost. There is also a training manual which is able to be purchased and covers discussion points and questions you can ask your client based on their answers which will help you ascertain which strategic alliances you may need to refer them to and how you can best assist the client with their overall life outcomes.

Remember, most of the coaching has been done during the program. You are simply a facilitation point to help your clients achieve the outcomes they are looking for by referring them to a specialist in the area they require. This may mean sending them to an estate planning lawyer, a mortgage broker, a health and wellbeing coach, nutritionist or a career counselor.

The program is completely flexible in terms of how you want to integrate it into your business. It can be used simply as a data capture tool or it can be fully integrated as a new value added service that allows you to facilitate and drive holistic client outcomes.

Are there other strategies that can be used to compliment the program content?

The program is very comprehensive however, we suggest complimenting the online program with webinars or phone coaching to discuss the concepts, tools and outcomes.

As the program is a self paced coaching program where your employees or clients will create an action plan for their life, there will be a range of additional services you may be able to provide to your employees or clients to assist them in achieving their overall life goals and aspirations. This may include career counseling, nutrition advice, exercise classes or referrals to other professionals such as an estate planning lawyer or financial adviser.

How do we integrate the program with other initiatives?

The program can be enhanced dramatically if over-laid with other health, wellbeing and ‘whole of life’ initiatives. This may mean, a career counseling service, in house meditation classes, education on nutrition and wellness over -laid with reward and recognition schemes.

As the program is a ‘whole of life’ coaching program, it becomes a facilitation tool that allows you to set up strategic alliance partners who can assist with employees being able to achieve their ‘whole of life’ outcomes.

How do people get help when they are participating in the program?

You can email for assistance or use the online forum. The program is very easy to follow and simple to use. All instructions are done via video and are delivered after the content.

There is also the option of purchasing webinars, additional coaching or presentations/ seminars, which will compliment the content being delivered in the program.

In addition, a range of other on line programs have been created to compliment the content in the Fit For Life Program which can also be utilised.